This evening we had our prayer time once again with the young people of our church–after about a month-long hiatus. One of my goals with this group is to avoid getting into a “rut” at all costs. So, that being the case, we tried something different.
I mentioned to them 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (“In all things give thanks…”), and talked about how rare it was for people to thank God for something that went wrong. Then I had them think back to things that had gone wrong for them over the last month. Then we prayed, thanking God for those things. Not for what we thought He might be doing through our problems–but for the problems themselves.
Much on my mind were my brother and sister-in-law, who are going through what must be one of the most emotionally wrenching experiences possible right now. Their attitude of praise and trust has been encouraging and humbling to me.
It was a sweet experience to hear our young people thank God for the disappointments and trials they are facing. After the service one young lady came up to me and told me she had never prayed that we before. I think in our prayer times we are going to do that a lot more often.