I just received this e-mail from Mark Lounsbrough–one of our colleagues here at the seminary.

Dear Friends,

This is a shorty to ask special prayer for our
six-year-old son, Daniel.  As you know, he has had a heart condition known as
Arrythmia, in which his heart races on occasion.  It’s not a dangerous
condition, but has to be controlled by exercises and/or medication, depending on
a number of factors.

Both our doctor in Brazil and in the US have
recommended that he undergo a surgical procedure called “ablation”.  It involves
going into his heart both from the groin and neck areas through his veins.  The
extra “circuit” is then “mapped” out and identified, and the two insertions meet
to cauterize the nerve that causes the increased heart rate.  Altogether it’s a
3-5 hour procedure, and is scheduled for 8:30am central time at a children’s
hospital in St. Louis.

The reason you didn’t here about this before is
because this opening became available today!  We thank God for making this

Pray for Daniel and for those who will be operating on him. 
The daddy (who is writing this from Brazil), would sure like to be there.  But
since I’m still in Brazil our insurance covers the whole thing.  Once I return
next week we go on stateside coverage, which has a big deductible.  I’ll share
more about my trip and our summer plans in an e-mail later this

Thanks for praying.  We love and appreciate each of

Mark for all of us