On Friday and Saturday we of the the Cidade Feliz team held our second ever puppetry school.  It was a roaring success.  But don’t take my word for it–check out the pictures!

As always, our school of puppetry features hands-on training in puppetry techniques.  Here I demonstrate with Nice the operation of a human-arm puppet.

By far the biggest draw for the course is the fact that students get to make their own puppets, which they then take home for use in their various ministries. 

Below are some of the more creative designs that came out of last week’s school.

Pinky the Punk Puppet

I liked the hair on this puppet. 

This guy bears a striking resemblance to the Brazilian president.  And he only has one less finger!

This puppet seems rather nonplussed by his first look at the world.

After they make their puppets, the students divide up into teams and prepare a short lesson using their new creations.  This provides for some entertaining moments.

Presenting the June, 2007 graduating class of the Cidade Feliz School of Puppetry!