On Saturday–our last full day of vacation–we went with our friends Cicero and Nice to the city of Santana do Cariri–about an hour from where we live. Santana do Cariri is famous for three things: fossils, a beautiful overlook, and a colorful history.

Santana do Cariri

This is the city as seen from the overlook.
When we went to the fossil museum, the following two fossils amazed me:

Fossil Eating Fossil


Both of these depict fish (which in and of itself should tell you something, since these fossils are found at about 900 meters above sea level) fossilized in the act of eating other fish. Perhaps it’s just me, but this seems to scream “major cataclysmic event”.
As to the town’s colorful history, I will wait until Cicero sends me some pictures he took which have to do with that. For now, I leave you with this–by far my favorite picture from the day’s activities.

Missionaries Kissing