I realize this is two puppet posts in one day (sorry, Kev), and I realize that you may think that this is all I do–so I want you to know that you will be seeing many more camp/seminary/youth group/ posts in the near future.

However, I did want to inform you of perhaps the most exciting development in the Cidade Feliz project.  On Sunday we were officially “adopted” by the Novo Juazeiro Baptist Church.  They have taken us on as an official project of their church.

Sunday morning Itacyara and I joined up with Cicero and Nice for a presentation to the church family at their bi-monthly business meeting.

That’s me presenting the ministry to the church.  After three years of deputation, this is like butter on hot bread.

After the presentation, Cicero, Nice and I fielded questions.  The response was very positive, and the church voted to add us to their budget.  We were thrilled!

Tonight I am going with Cicero to check out on a studio for recording the sound tracks for projects that are already in the pipe.  We also have solid invitations for three more Schools of Puppetry, and verbal invitations for many more.