Comings and Ruleys
These are interesting times to be serving as missionaries in Northeast Brazil. One of the most significant challenges we are facing as a field council (the group of missionaries serving with Baptist Mid Missions in our region) is a dramatic (and I mean DRAMATIC) reduction in manpower. Simply put, we are hemorrhaging missionaries. About twenty missionaries have left the field (for a variety of reasons) since we arrived (to my knowledge, none of the departures had anything to do with our arrival…just thought I’d clarify that…).
Needless to say, we are excited when we meet anybody who believes themselves called to ministry in Northeast Brazil.
Enter the Ruley family.
Daniel and Sarah (and their well-named son, Andrew) are currently raising support to join us as missionaries in Northeast Brazil. The just began their deputation process, and have about 10% of their support. We spent a delightful weekend with them which included a missionary conference at Brooktondale Baptist Church, a delicious chicken bbq dinner with a Brazilian friend and her husband, and getting lost in the hills of Upstate NY on our way back home.
As a missionary in Brazil, I am sold on this young couple. Please pray that funds will come in quickly for them, and that they will be able to join us soon on the field. If you would like to contact Dan and Sarah, you can do so by e-mail. Also, be sure to check out their website or meet them on Facebook.
Daniel and Sara Ruley are the cavalry coming to our rescue in NE Brazil. Please help speed them on their way!
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