Saturday evening we arrived in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, for the tri-annual conference of our mission board. We pulled in at about 9 pm, and went straight to the home of the Hollifields, our host family for the weekend. We unpacked, and, as we had been traveling for most of the day, we went straight to bed.
The next morning I awoke, showered, and began to dress for the day. Not finding my pants in one suitcase, I opened the other one. They were not there either. Panic ensued as I frantically opened all the bags in our luggage, only to discover a complete lack of any dress pants.
This is a first for me. I have arrived at churches missing part of my display, with no cord for my a/v equipment, or without my English Bible. This was the first time I had ever been without clothes, however.
Our amused host graciously drove me to the local Wal-Mart, where I was able to pick up a couple pairs of dress pants to last me the weekend.
My wife, of course, used this as an opportunity to admonish me to take a more active role in the packing process. I am getting a good laugh over it now…it was a little less funny when it was actually happening!