If you could not tell from the last entry, I am just getting around to blogging about some of our activities from earlier in the week. On Monday we finally succeeded in having a filming session for the Cidade Feliz TV ministry.
First, we went to the First Baptist Church, where filming was in progress for “Reason to Live”, which is the “parent” program that hosts our Cidade Feliz segments. There we did a little promo spot, announcing the return of the Cidade Feliz program.

Promo Spot
Nice readies Júnior, and Pastor Francisco readies himself for the camera.

Pr. Francisco and Junior
Júnior and Pastor Francisco
Pastor Francisco Fabiano (pictured above) is the host of the “Reason to Live” TV program, which is a ministry of the First Baptist Church. We are very grateful to them for giving us space on their program.
After filming that little spot, it was on to the seminary, where we set up our green screen and filmed one episode of a segment called “Cidade Feliz News”.

Camera Man
Setting up the camera

Sound Man
Sound table

Manu and Junior
Manú and Júnior clowning around
After resolving a few glitches with equipment, we were able to film the episode. Currently the film is in post, scheduled to air a week from Saturday. This first segment tackles the evolutionary concept of a “missing link”. Tomorrow we will be filming another couple episodes.
Cicero, our production assistant, took some footage on his digital camera against the green screen. I used it to practice my chroma key technique. Below is my very first attempt.