Meet Marcos. Marcos is from the city of Aiuaba, about two hours from where we live. He is a young man who is active in ministry, and feels the call of God on his life to be a pastor.
Marcos would very much like to study at the Cariri Baptist Seminary. His pastor and church would very much like to send him. He is applying to the seminary now, even though he has no idea where funds will come from.
I was very impressed with Marcos when I visited Aiuaba a couple weeks ago. I told him I would pray for him, and for God’s will regarding his studies at the seminary.
At the current exchange rate, it costs around $200 US a month to study at the Cariri Baptist Seminary. This includes room and board as well as classes. Those of you who know my wife, Itacyara, know the quality education our graduates have. If anybody is interested in investing in the life of this young man who is willing to invest his life in the ministry here in Brazil, send me an e-mail.