Meet Eder
Many of you will remember that back in October we had an adventure in the state of Minas Gerais, which involved our truck breaking down on our way to a conference. While stranded in the little town of Curvelo, I was asked to speak at a small Baptist church. After the service we met the young man pictured above. His name is Eder, and he was interested in studying at our seminary.
To my great joy, he showed up here on the first day of classes. His arrival made some sense of our Minas Gerais mishaps.
Since his arrival here, Eder has demonstrated the clear call of God on his life. He has thrown himself into his studies, and into his practical ministries. He has a gift for evangelism, and a servant’s heart. Everybody has been thoroughly impressed with this young man.
When he arrived here, he shared with me that before our appearance in Curvelo he had been praying that God would bring someone along who would show him where he should study for the ministry. Our arrival there was a direct answer to his prayer.
I asked him to give me a “heads up” the next time he started praying like that.
Right now God is taking Eder through a time of uncertainty of his own. He came here with the promise of full support from his church. Through a completely unforseeable series of events, his church no longer is able to support him. This leaves Eder uncertain as to whether he will be able to return next semester.
All of us here at the seminary would like to see him come back, and he definitely wants to return. Would you please pray with us for this matter?
Also, it is possible (and quite easy) to help seminary students financially. Even with a weak dollar, a little goes a long way. If you are interested, contact me here.