Brazil and the US working together against terrorism. This is a refreshing change from the routine denials from the Brazilian government that there was any Latin-American connection.

Homeland Security to soon help Brazil
Associated Press
SAO PAULO, Brazil – Agents from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will soon be helping Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay combat money laundering and terrorism financing, the U.S. Embassy said on Wednesday.
A focus will be the porous border region where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet, an area American authorities have long considered a source of fundraising for radical Islamic groups.
“It is also believed to be South America’s busiest contraband and smuggling center, where billions of dollars annually are generated from arms trafficking, drug smuggling, counterfeiting, intellectual property-rights violations, and other crimes,” the embassy said in a statement.
Agents are due to arrive in Brazil within two months, and in neighboring Argentina and Paraguay shortly after.
Working with local law enforcement and customs officials, they will set up units to investigate and prosecute an array of financial crimes, that also include contraband smuggling and tax evasion, the embassy said.
According to the U.S. embassy, the effort was agreed to by a permanent working group representing Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and the United States. The Brazilian Federal Police had no immediate comment.