From 4th to 6th grade I attended the Horseheads Christian School in Horseheads, NY. Back then the Christian School movement was at it’s height, and the school was full to overflowing.

Since then the homeschool movement has taken over, and, together with what I am sure were many other factors, this took its toll on Christian schools everywhere.

With sadness I found out a few weeks ago that my old elementary school is closing. I had the privilege of speaking there on my last two furloughs, and re-connecting with friends from “back in the day” who worked there in one capacity or another.

Me, talking to a group of fifth-graders at HCS about Missionary Max, back in 2016, and looking like I have a migraine. I didn’t.

While I’m sad the school is closing, I understand that times change, and ministries that may be necessary for one generation are not necessarily as much in demand for another. What’s important are the 48 years of ministry and hundreds of kids impacted while the school was operational. I was one of those kids, as were two of my brothers.

This video was posted to Facebook yesterday. It is a great overview of the history of HCS, and it was neat to see many faces from back in my day.

*The picture in the header comes from the HCS Facebook page.