I must confess to a guilty pleasure. I went on Howard Dean’s weblog, and posted a pro-Bush comment.
I don’t usually do things like that, but something Dean said a little while ago offended me to no end. I read an article in the World Magazine blog about the Deanster’s decision to emphasize his faith, especially in the Southern states.
My comment on Dean’s website was this:
As someone born and raised in the North, I am baffled by Dean’s statement about the Northern tradition of not speaking about one’s faith. I guess that is the tradition…if you are NOT A CHRISTIAN.
As someone who has made their home in the South, I am highly offended by his condescending tone. Is he TRYING to alienate southern people, or does this come naturally to him?

Needless to say, this made for some very, very upset Dean supporters, who promptly excoriated me, and a friend who also got into the spirit of things, with all kinds of wierd reationalizations for what Dean was doing.
I had so much fun, I might actually do it again.