Today was supposed to be a well-planned, highly-orchestrated event. Two things were supposed to be accomplished:
1. A meeting at Broadview Baptist Church. We were supposed to arrive at 10:30 am, with time to set up and present our ministry in the morning service.
2. Preparing to meet at the consulate tomorrow to establish Michael (our son) as a Brazilian citizen. For this, we needed to bring all his documents, which we had spent the last few weeks procuring.
As we left the house this morning, I asked my wife if she had the envelope which contained our documents. She assured me that it was in the car.
We left for Miami in plenty of time to get there. Unfortunately, we took three (count ’em, three) wrong turns, which put us at the church at 11:01 am, as the morning service was starting.
To make matters worse, as we pulled into the church driveway, my wife said “Oh no! I forgot the documents!”
Needless to say, I was a little upset, having asked her about this very thing when we left. Her explanation was that she thought I was talking about some other envelope. ARRRRGH!!!!!!!
The meeting went well, we had a great Q and A time in the evening service, and we got a free day to do some Christmas shopping in Miami, even though now we will have to schedule another trip to take care of Mikey’s documentation.