As we prepare for furlough, saying goodbye is part of the process. We have had numerous occasions to say (temporary) goodbye to church, friends, and family (I’ll share pictures of some of these events later on), and all have their emotional moments.

But I was surprised at the lump in my throat as I watched our red Fiat Uno – aka “The Donkeyslayer” drive away with its new owners Tuesday morning. As the lights vanished in the distance, my mind went back to the adventures we have had together over the past four+ years.

  • The fateful collision with a donkey (from whence comes the nom de guerre Donkeyslayer)
  • Running down two bandidos as they tried to mug one of our young people.
  • Getting stuck in an enormous mud-hole, and having seven local men pull us out, by hand.
  • Putting two plastic garbage cans in the back and filling them with water from a spring, and taking said water to the camp construction site.
  • Fitting 12 people in a five-passenger vehicle.
  • Road trips to the Cariri, to Petrolina, and to Fortaleza.
  • Numerous hospital runs.
  • Leaving a Bible on top of the car, driving across town, and finding the Bible there upon arrival.

And the list goes on. This vehicle was uniquely suited for this term of ministry. There will be other cars, for sure. But there will be only one Donkeyslayer.

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