Just moments ago there was a commotion outside. A girl screamed “let go of me!”, and then a lot of guys were hollering “get him, get him!” laced with swear words. I got to the gate in time to see a group of guys run past. One of them–amazingly–was still carrying a nearly full cup of beer as he ran.
Apparently, a guy had tried to take advantage of the girl, and her scream aroused the chivalrous instincts in the patrons of a nearby pub. They took off after him, and–according to them–beat him up. He insisted that she was his sister as the blows rained down, but to no avail. Obviously satisfied with their work, they walked back past the house and back to their pub. They would-be rapist took off into the shadows. The girl disappeared.
It is a good thing for the girl that the guys at the pub happened to be there. Otherwise, things may have gone very badly.