Missionary Max

Follow the adventures of the intrepid Missionary Max. Missionary fiction at its best!

Missionary Max Update

I have been surprised and pleased over the last several months as many readers have expressed their enjoyment of the...

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Whence Missionary Max?

While our family has been busy with adventures of its own, the Missionary Max saga has not been forgotten. Here...

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Missionary Max: Prologue–Reach Out and Touch Someone

Max’s arms burned with the pressure being exerted on them. His hands clung desperately to the rope while below him—several...

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Why Missionary Max?

Beginning tomorrow you will be able to follow the adventures of Missionary Max here on this blog. Several years ago...

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What Do You Get…

…when you cross with ? Stay tuned to this blog in the month of May to find out!

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Who is Missionary Max?

Watch this space in May to find out.

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