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News and opinions on current events from “The Land of the Southern Cross”.

So Let’s Talk About the Brazilian Elections

For most of the 2018 Brazilian election cycle I have limited my comments on the politics of this country to...

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Documentary: The Seven Wonders of Brazil

I started the Best of Brazil Blog back in June in order to have a place to post exclusively about...

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Brazilian Supreme Court Bans Homeschooling

Over on our personal Facebook page we’ve been posting updates on a process to legalize homeschooling here in Brazil that...

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Charismatic Confusion: This Can’t Be a Church Service. Please Tell Me It’s Not a Church Service.


It’s a church service. This is what happens when generations are left without clear biblical teaching. Pray for Evangelicalism in...

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Redefining Jesus, Brazilian Style

One of the clearest indications of exactly who Jesus is and what He represents is the near obsessive interest that...

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The Charming Past of São Luís


When one visits São Luís today, one is confronted with the ruins of what was once a beautiful colonial city....

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Charismatic Confusion: I Can Only Imagine…The Roaming Charges

In posting examples of what the charismatic and neo-pentecostal movements have done to Brazilian evangelicalism, it’s not a case of...

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Weekly Best of Brazil Blog Roundup

We’ve had an eventful inaugurating week over at the Best of Brazil Blog. Here are some post that you may...

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Charismatic Confusion: “Holy Spittle”

One of my missionary colleagues is wont to opine that, as missionaries in Brazil, our biggest mission field is among...

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Update on the Truckers Strike in Brazil

As of 7:30 am on Saturday, May 26, the truckers strike is still going full swing here in Brazil. Here...

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