Below are several projects at the Mount Zion Regular Baptist Camp, and the amounts needed to fund them. If you are interested making a contribution, you can get in touch with us (, and we will be more than happy to let you know how you can be a part of this project.

As donations come in, we will make note of it here.

Movin’ On Up Underwriting the construction of a road from the camp entrance to the construction site. Price tag: $1500 Project funded! Thank you West Windsor Baptist Church

A Cut Above the Rest Underwriting the cost of an industrial-strength weed-eater to remove vegetation from the construction site and other areas of the camp. Price tag: $700

Adopt-a-Pot The bathroom will have a total of six toilets and three urinals. Each toilet will cost roughly $100, and each urinal roughly $50. Total price tag: $1050

Water You Looking At We will need to install a 2000 liter water tank on top of the bathroom. As this structure is being built at the highest point of the camp property, this tank will ultimately supply water for the entire camp. Price tag: $300 Project taken on!

I Feel the Power In the last letter, I mentioned the need for a generator so that we can be independent of an unreliable local power grid. Since then, I have discovered that a more potent generator might be in order. I am still researching this, and will get back with more information in our next letter. Price tag: unknown

A Strong Finish Details such as sinks, counters, dividers, floor and wall tiles, electrical outlets and windows will need to be installed for the bathrooms to be totally operational. Price tag: $3000