Just recieved a prayer letter (with pictures!) from the Leonards that I thought I would share with you.

You would have enjoyed coming with us for a special service at the New Jerusalem Baptist Church last Sunday night. This is the new congregation God is raising up near the airport in the city of Juazeiro do Norte. Because most of the sewage runs in the dirt streets of this poor neighborhood, there are quite a few mud holes. The van got stuck in one of these on our way to the meeting. After several friendly neighbors pushed us out we made it only 15 minutes late.
The congregation has outgrown its small rented building, so all of the benches and chairs were placed in the street out in front. There were over 100 people gathered, and already singing praises to God. Immediately my nose noticed the raw sewage running in the gutter. Since nobody else seemed to be concerned I quickly forced this out of my mind. Even though the service was in the street the people were reverent. Occasionally a passing car or motorcycle would distract our attention, but these were few. After I preached a message on the Unmerciful Servant (Matthew 18), three people came forward showing a desire to receive God’s forgiveness and Salvation. One of these was the wife of a faithful man who has been a founding pillar in this new church.
New Jerusalem Baptist Church Meeting in the Street
This special service culminated with thirty-one (31) people receiving diplomas for having concluded one of the Bible courses from our Source of Light Bible Correspondence School. Two of those who were save had also just finished our first course called “Pathways to Peace”.
31 diplomas were given to those who concluded a Bible Study
We are close to closing on a piece of property where the New Jerusalem Baptist Church will be able to build. Praise the Lord with us that He has provided for the purchase of this property in the most fantastic way.