How did America get to the point where we accept the wholesale murder of the unborn?  How did marriage get to be defined as basically any relationship between any two living beings?  Why is it that we make excuses for jihadists while vilifying traditional American heroes?

The startling answers to these questions–and more–are set forth in a straightforward manner by David Kupelian in his masterful book The Marketing of Evil.  Beginning with the “abortion rights” movement and covering everything from “gay rights” to prayer in public schools, Kupelian demonstrates how the US has been consistently and purposefully fed a line.

Careful not to descend into the lunacy of Illuminati/Scull and Bones/Bilderberger conspiracy theories, the book instead presents a very lucid and well-documented look at how those intent on promoting evil have been allowed to do so under our very noses. 

Kupelian also does not sink into the despair or escapism that so easily accompanies a treatise on the decline of Western society.  Rather, he suggests ways that those on the side of good can create a counter-culture that will eventually save civilization as we know it.

A very interesting, informative, galvanizing read.