On this date in 1858 Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York City. That, however, has nothing to do with this post.
Exactly one year ago today Itacyara, Mikey and I boarded a plane bound for Brazil. We were supposed to fly out a day earlier, but hurricane season got in the way.
The last year has been one of many challenges, but also of great blessing. In reviewing it the other day, Itacyara and I were filled with joy for what God has done. Here is a short list:
* All major paperwork taken care of.
* Provision of a place to live, which exactly meets our needs.
* Provision of an outstanding vehicle.
* Mission trip by Fellowship Baptist in Lakeland, Florida.
* Ministry to seminary students.
* Seminary website developed.
* Puppet ministry on TV.
* Numerous preaching opportunities.
* Good school for Michael
* Itacyara passing her university exam–sixth place out of forty! (Classes start Monday)
* Many exciting upcoming ministries–including Evangelism to the Romeiros next week, and a survey trip to Picos the following week.
This is a partial list. Much more space and time would be needed to list EVERYTHING God has done in our first year in Brazil. Praise be to His Name!
Oh yeah…and today’s my birthday too. Teddy and I have at least that in common.