Some of the more spectacular moments from yesterday’s Brazil-Japan game.

This was the first goal of the game, scored by Japan. This was the best thing Japan could have done for Brazil. After this, Brazil woke up and started playing like the Brazil team of old.

Brazil’s first goal came just before the half, with this brilliant play culminating by a head-in by Ronaldo. The look on Ronaldo’s face after the goal is says “I’m back in the game.”

This goal by Juninho came out of nowhere. When he kicked, the guy sitting next to me screamed “No! Don’t do that!” Then, when the ball went in the net, he went out and set of a firecracker.

This shows the depth of the Brazilian team. Both Juninho and Gilberto are second-string players.

Ronaldo’s final goal against Japan. Ronaldo has gone “from zero to hero” in one day here in Brazil.